Links to reports, peer-reviewed articles and videos can be found here.


Sept. 30, 2021

Kaburu F., Mignard D. , Kemboi J. , Owino J., Mucia T., Odera S., Wells M. and Pritchard C. (2021), "A low-cost integrated desalination and irrigation technique tested on dual-purpose sorghum in Turkana County, Kenya", Journal of Dryland Agriculture, 7(6), 96 - 113


Sept. 9, 2019:

A number of reports were produced as part of the Newton-Utafiti project "Enhanced Food Security and Afforestation through Novel Approaches to Irrigation".

Here below you may find some of these reports.

In Soil Desalination. (C) Dimitri Mignard, 2017
In Soil Desalination for Irrigation. (C) Dimitri Mignard, 2017