Audio Drama: What the future might look like with integrated desalination-irrigation

"Salt of The Earth", an audio drama for a wide audience described as "instructive" and "entertaining" by those in the UK and Kenya who heard it, and based on our experience in the field with integrated desalination and irrigation.

Observer Effect | CreateWorks: Engineers inspired by theatre; Theatre inspired by Engineers

In the autumn of 2020 and the following Spring, Dimitri Mignard wrote this audio-drama about our group's research in adapted irrigation using saline water. He was coached by playwrights on the CreateWorks program, a collaboration between Theater professionals at Braw Fox Theatre in Edinburgh, and Engineers at the University of Edinburgh. The play imagines what future field trials of our devices within a rural community in Turkana, Kenya will look like (once we are done with technical appraisal and have obtained additional funding for large scale tests). A researcher and a villager are discussing how our novel technique works in practice, referring to concepts that are familiar to their own life experiences, and dreaming of what the future might bring.